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Sales & Distribution for multi-level consumer product distribution

In any of the consumer distribution process, the manufacturer will be having various sales depot/offices across the country. The country will be further divided into to various Region, Zone, district & towns. Each sales depot has one or more distributors across the region. Each distributor has one or more resellers.

In a nutshell it is 3-tier sales model i.e.,

Sales & Distribution
In general the manufacturer representative will go along with the distributor person to all the resellers and liquidates the stocks of the distributors and replenish the stock to the distributors by the way of collecting order from the distributors. Based on the orders from the distributors, the stocks available in the corresponding depot will be billed. Similarly the stock in the depot will be replenished by placing the order to the H.O. On collating the orders from the various regions production orders will be issued to the respective factories. Products produced accordingly will be dispatched to the respective places.
The entire process is being done in online right from
Sales at Distributors and book of orders to Sales Depot
In sales depot – Processing the Sale order from Distributors and invoicing the same, Placing the Purchase Orders and acceptance of the goods from Factory, maintenance of stock at Distributor locations.
In Corporate office – Order Processing and approval of the orders and forward the same to factory for the production and dispatch. Processing and approval of the Purchase Orders from Factory. Credit Control of Sales Depot & Distributors.
Production and Dispatch & Invoice, maintenance of the stock.
Daily sales reports (Distributors to resellers)
Payment Collection from the Distributors.
The entire activities is online and all the data are stored at a centralized Server and able to generate a lot of MIS reports


Product Engineering Information Management System

This is a WEB based product developed as an internet/intranet portal primarily to share the knowledge base of Engineering Information across various level of hierarchy in an organisation.

What is PEIMS?

Product Engineering
PEIMS is a decision support system aimed at making the engineering changes efficient and ‘First Time Right’. PEIMS offers an advanced Engineering Change Management (ECM) module to assess the TOTAL IMPACT of any engineering change.
The key feature in PEIMS pertains to defining and capturing all parts ASSOCIATED with a part number both directly (parent-child parts) and indirectly (associated parts in the change perspective) in the Engineering Bill of Material Parts (BOMP).
PEIMS can help making engineering changes efficient because PEIMS provides the following information:
For any change in a Part Number…The list of Associated Parts affected.
All associated tooling, quality aids and documentation information, test reports affected.
All associated customer, statutory requirements and all engineering specifications affected.
An insight into the Total Impact of change in terms of the Total Cost of doing an Engineering Change ($ value of change).
Some major business processes driven by PART NUMBERSManufacturing Strategy / Sourcing
Manufacturing Investment
Production Processes (PPAP)
Supporting Aids.
Marketing – Product and Parts Sales and Distribution
Change Management
Engineering Change Control
An engineering change is crucial and needs careful assessment of IMPACT on associated operations before the change is carried out.
PEIMS help to asses the Total Impact of a change?All the critical information associated with all the part numbers is stored in a centralized database using PEIMS.
PEIMS takes a holistic approach of the engineering change process to ensure that all affected processes and linkages are addressed prior to change initiation and release.
The information on ASSOCIATED part numbers is the path to collate all data related to cost, sourcing, manufacturing processes, manufacturing aids, test reports, customer/ statutory/ design requirements etc.
This data is then sorted out as PERTINENT to the Engineering Change.
It is this DATA that, through a holistic approach, provides TOTAL insight into the engineering change.
Point of Sale for Currency Exchange Bureau
  • POS is specially designed for Currency Exchange Bureau, the system is able to maintain daily currency conversion rate. Ability to do buying & selling of currencies. The system has Main Safe & one or more Counter, where by daily the currencies will be transferred to various counters and transaction happens in each counters. End of the business hours, funds from the counters will be closed and verified with the denomination and will be transferred to Main safe. The system has various approval processes at every stage. Various reports can be generated currency wise.