Application Products

Application Products

Skysoft by virtue of having a vast experience in Application development on various domain gained over the years on various implementations. Skysoft ables to bring the commonalities within the domain and came out with Industry Specific Software Products,which are very niche in nature.
Skysoft is extensive focus on Software Product Engineering Approach to maintain the quality of the product. The product development approach is as follows:-


Detailed definition of the system along with system processes and dependencies is made during this phase. Key technology decisions are made in conjunction with the estimates and schedules.

Engineering Plan

We analyze the system requirements in terms of software engineering and technology perspective. We develop a complete engineering plan keeping in mind to satisfy the current needs as well as to scalable for the future needs.


We identify those parts of the system which are technically challenged, uncertainty or ambiguity. Those parts are rapidly prototyped during this phase and decisions will be made on the feasibility of those areas before finalizing the design of the system. In a nutshell the UI and high technical uncertainty portions that threaten the execution of the project are addressed in this phase.


During this phase the system and technology architecture for the product is developed.


A high level design of the system is made taking all the above definitions into account. We also address the high level needs of scalability, reliability and ease of maintenance in this phase.

Test Plan Preparation

System Test Plan will be prepared based on the System requirements; Integration Test Plan & Unit Test plan will be prepared based on the product design.


Coding of the system is done based on Skysoft Standards arrived over the periods.


Unit Test based on the Unit Test plan will be done at every stage of the coding. Integration Test will be done during the module integration and System Test will be done on over all projects.

  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

Once it is fully implemented and all the functionalities being used on a real life scenario, then the product will be made ready for rollout to the market.


Actual realization of the system happens during this phase. A completely tested and approved system is then deployed. The system will be implemented and closely monitored on every stage of the implementation

What is the advantage of Packaged Solutions


Actual realization of the system happens during this phase. A completely tested and approved system is then deployed. The system will be implemented and closely monitored on every stage of the implementation

Better Resources Usage

Invest more time and effort in the process of developing and assuring the quality of the product as the concentration is on single project and it is not really governed by Time or Budget constrain. Also the project is managed by a team rather than individual dependant. Hence it is less resilient to staff and work environment change

Better Quality Assurance Mechanisms

A dedicated team will be deployed for testing & quality assurance, which is simply not possible for the tailor made applications as the fund dedicated for QA will be more as well as the software specification do not undergo changes as client specific.

Investing on a Large User Community

Successful readymade applications have a large user base. Therefore, each new user automatically gains the huge collective effort done by others who has relentlessly scrutinized every little part of that application. Those users lot of ideas and problems to address and solve, ultimately reflecting on the usability and quality of that application.

Better Value

Readymade applications offer better value and less acquisition and running costs than tailored software solutions. The development cost is shared among the large clients’ base because the same product is delivered to many clients. This allow to offer the products at a lower cost than custom tailoring software houses that has to charge each client for the total cost of developing “their” product.

Technology Protection

Any technology changes can easily provide upgrade and migration paths to all their users because all those users use the same product. Again the upgrade/migration cost is shared across all clients. Hence the clients are rest assured that the client is never in behind technologies.

Our Industry Specific Products

Financial Management System(Sky-FAMS)