Rago Swimbaits - one lot / REDUCED

By A Mystery Man Writer

Swimbaits That Have Produced for Me in Mexico — Half Past First Cast

Rago Baits - Generic Swimbait, Big and Small Bait Fishing

Rago Baits - Generic Swimbait

Rago Baits - Generic Swimbait

Swimbait Undergound x Rago Baits D3

Rago Baits - Hitch Swimbait

Body: 5in Tail: 3in Overall: 8in 1/0 Hooks 60lb Rings 2oz Nose Line Tie - Subsurface Wake | Crank to 4ft Chin Line Tie - Wake | Crank to 2ft

Swimbait Underground X Rago Baits D3 F Floating - Herring

The 10″ Triple Trout

ALL the baits from the 2021 Bassmaster Classic! – BassBlaster