Plumb Bob & Reel - Lee Valley Tools

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Veritas P724 Plumb Bob - Lee Valley Tools

Veritas Flat Plumb Bob (Lee Valley)

Plumb Bob & Reel Plumbing, Cool tools, Blinds

Plumb Bobs & Gammon Reels for Land Surveyors

Wall-Mount Swivel Hose Reel - Lee Valley Tools

Easy to set up, this plumb bob and reel combination has a hang-hole in the case, an integral spring-loaded pin and a built-in magnet so it can be hung

Plumb Bob & Reel - Lee Valley Tools

Vintage Plumb Bob reel by Mullan Tool Co. NOS made in USA all

Mullan Plumb Bob Reel – Hardwick & Sons

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Lee Valley - Home & Garden 2017, PDF, Scissors

PLUMB BOB SOLID Brass 8 oz Steel Or SS Point Long Measuring Tools