YUM Pumpkin Head Fishing Jig - Black - 3/8 oz - 6/0

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80PCS Soft Fishing Lures for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing with Various Sizes Metal Jig Heads, Premium Soft Saltwater Bait, Live Jerk Minnows Swimbait

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The Patented Fish Head Dude is the perfect addition to the Fish Head Spin line of products. The Fish Head Dude is designed to serve as a shallow running/waking search tool. The Fish Head Dude can be fished through blow-downs, rock, wood, as well as grass. With its fluorocarbon urethane blade, it is virtually weedless and its multi-stage painting process yields a highly realistic finish. Add your favorite curly tail, paddle tail, or fluke style trailer for great action.

Fish Head Dude Smokin Shad / 1/2 oz (2pk)

6th Sense Divine Shakey Head 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin

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You've got to have the right tools to do the job right, and for power shakin', this is the right tool Power shakin' takes shaky head fishing to the

3/16 oz Black Pumpkin Head Fishing Jigs - 3/0 Hooks

Pumpkin Head Jig 1/4 3/8oz Fishing Lure with Extended Bait Holder

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