Catfish Rigs and Tackle UK

By A Mystery Man Writer

Angler banks one of the biggest-ever lure-caught catfish from UK waters

CODE RODS - 4 X CODE 13'3.75lb 🎣🎣🎣 Matt Black Alps Ti

Tackle & Methods

Fishing Lures Striper - Catfish Inline Rattles Attract Fish - Dr.Fish – Dr.Fish Tackles

Expert Catfish Rigs - In-Fisherman

Tungsten naked heli chod system 12 - Pulse Fishing Tackle

Leech Fishing For Catfish

How to tie the best catfish rig for lakes

Bill Cottam Carp Angler - Three days of torturously high temperatures - up to 41 degrees - in France has made life and the fishing tough, but a thunder storm this afternoon