13 Fishing Fishing Rods in Fishing

By A Mystery Man Writer

Introducing Gerald Swindle's signature product line by 13 Fishing

The 13 Fishing ONE3 Infrared Ice Fishing Combo is comprised of a solid fiberglass blank to provide you with extreme sensitivity while still being very lightweight. Stainless steel guides are used to ensure a long lifespan of this combo. When it comes to ice reels, construction and weight are extremely important. The Infrared spinning reel is built with a graphite body and rotor, while the spool is aluminum. These components give you a lightweight but sturdy reel.

13 Fishing IC3-27UL Infrared Ice Combo

Fate Green/Origin TX 7'1 M Casting Combo

Looking for a beautifully sleek design that is lightweight and near perfectly balanced? Then you have found it with the 13 FISHING Omen Black Spinning Rod. Not only is this fishing rod just plain beautiful, but it also has a backbone behind it. With a Japanese 36Ton Blank construction using a Poly Vector Graphite, this rod has increased sensitivity and an enhanced hoop strength that won't suffer from energy loss due to ovalization under pressure.

13 Fishing Omen Black Spinning Rod

13 Fishing Fishing Rods in Fishing

13 Fishing Kalon C Spinning Reel — Discount Tackle

13 Fishing Fishing Rods in Fishing

13 Fishing - Defy Silver - 6'6 L Spinning Rod - DEFSS66L

A powerful backbone and complex tapers make the 13 Fishing Fate Steel Trolling Casting Rod the most versatile weapon in your salmon/steelhead arsenal. This rod series offers superb strength and forgiveness no matter how it's deployed, with a unique handle design that lends itself to both in-hand and in-holder use.

13 Fishing Fate Steel Salmon Steelhead Casting Rod - SSC86M-2

EVOLVE SOFT TOUCH SEAMLESS REEL SEAT - These durable light fishing rods are fitted with the Evolve soft touch seamless reel seats that transmit

13 Fishing One 3 Fate Chrome Freshwater Casting Fishing Rod

Get tough on bass. The 13 Fishing Origin F1/Blackout Baitcast Combo works hard to deliver the power and sensitivity you need to put fish in the boat, with a matched pair of updated 13 Fishing performance favorites. The Origin F1 Baitcast Reel features an aluminum Fastback frame design with Beetle Wing rapid-access sideplate for easy maintenance. Its MCS Magnetic Control System is easily adjustable to feather your cast perfectly regardless of bait size or wind speed.

13 Fishing Blackout/Origin F1 Baitcast Combo

A performance grade edition of the Source series reels, the svelte smooth reel is married with the 24 Ton Graphite Blank for a highly capable fishing

13 Fishing Source F1 Spinning Combo