ERP - Outdoor infrastructure Management

Sky OUTDOOR Infra. ERP is designed to manage and control the unique business operations of any Outdoor Infrastructure Management Companies such as Outdoor Advertising Company, Tower Management Company etc.

The system would able to meet their specific needs of Lease Management, Contract Management, Site Management & Operations, Asset Tracking etc and Management

The system manages all aspects of accounting for an Outdoor Infrastructure like Contract is processed through the system and periodic invoices will be generated on specified cycles. Commercial and production invoices also are generated on request. Revenue and direct costs are tracked by location. The system also manages all aspects of lease payments, including percent of revenue lease payments and amortized lease expenses. Profitability can be tracked and reported for each lease.

Also the system has provision of Quality Analysis and maintenance management by the company to subcontract the activities.

A whole lot of critical MIS reports with in-depth analysis will be generated on various parameters, which gives vital information to monitor the business on regular basis.