Technology Expertise
Microsoft :, MVC, WCF, Web API   *   Java Technologies : Java, JSP, Structs, Spring, Spring boot, Thymleaf   *    Web Developement : HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, Angular JS, Knockout JS   *   Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports   *   Database : Oracle, MS SQL, Maria DB    *   Mobile : Phonegap, Android   *   Business Analytics : Pentaho CE, Saiku Analytics, CTOOLS

Health Care

Providing next generation automated Health Care ERP solution.
...a highly robust and scalable software application built intelligently on innovative software architecture and configurable software engines....


Provide end-to-end integrated technology solutions focused on specific vertical
-- Manufacturing
-- System Integration
-- Outdoor Infra Management
-- Travel & Ticketing

Business Analytics

Information is being converted into value by technology.
... helps mine big data and visualize practical, continuing commercial insights to improve organizational performance...

Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
... helps organizations to take the advantage of the behavioral revolution smart devices are causing by integrating them into the working environment to drive agility and responsiveness...


SAP Support Services

-- SAP Implementation Services
-- SAP Basis & Application
-- SAP Upgrade & Migration

About us

Skysoft Consultancy Services Private Limited (SCS) is an end-to-end service provider focused on specific vertical segments on enterprise technology solutions which is customer centric and leading to their business transformation and re-engineering. This is done through a team of professionally gleaned consultants with specialized man years of experience in each of the respective verticals.

Our consultants integrate with our customers and understand their Business process, Challenges and their plans on business expandability and provide customized and scalable technology solutions based on best Industry practices adopted specific to each of these verticals. There by we ensure that a high level of confidence is built by SCS which makes our customer experience seamless business transformation and operational scalability.
Many a time projects undertaken by large IT companies, with very high proficiency in IT, face large challenges because of inadequate domain knowledge. It is this domain expertise of SCS which ensures the 100% success rate of all our IT projects because special care and training is provided to these consultants to have an in depth knowledge on the respective domain.

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Our offering continues ...

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ERP - Manufacturing

A comprehensive ERP solutions for discrete manufacturing built on state of art technology with an assured value for money.

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ERP - System Integration

ERP solutions for System Integrators to manage their dynamic business needs in an effective and timely manner.

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HCM - Human Capital Management

Sky-HCM is a comprehensive HR application integrates and manages the entire HR activities.

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CRM - Sky Pharma CRM

Installed on your premises, hosted by your hosting company, or offered as software as a service (SaaS), by Sky-PharmaCRM puts such flexibility in your control.

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Custom Application

We understand the customer needs and match the business process in a innovative technology software solution.

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Product Integration

Skysoft helps clients to rightly identify and implement the perfect set of technological applications that are lying within their technical domains and their importance when incorporated in business processes.

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Web Developement / Portal

Skysoft helps clients to rightly identify and implement the perfect set of technological applications that are lying within their technical domains and their importance when incorporated in business processes

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Microsoft Dynamics Services

Microsoft Dynamics ERP business solutions transfer business process and empower your people to be more productive and enable your systems to adapt quickly to business change.

Customer Speaks

When we chose to re-engineer our existing software to modern technology without losing any of the legacy features created over a period of 20 years with data migration to a newer platform, after convincing ourselves about the capabilities and approach of Skysoft Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., we entrust them with this challenging assignment. Skysoft's team have spent a substantial amount of time and involvement on the assignment, understanding our legacy application and converting the same using a modern web based technology without any deviations.
Moreover, we boldly decided to go "Go-live" in one shot. It was a challenging and tough time for us as well as for M/s Skysoft, but they rose magnificently to the occasion. Their whole team pitched in tirelessly to implement successfully in a reasonable span of time.
We really appreciate Skysoft's technical strength, flexibility, patience and perseverance in completing the assignment to our satisfaction.
I would unhesitatingly recommend Skysoft for any organization or individual as we are really pleased with their expertise and service.
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